Welcome to European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM) !

he European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM) is a network of instructors, academics and professors in interactive media which is interested in cooperation and exchange and on discussion on topics for teaching and learning, for internship and best start-up preparations for careers of students.

The Academy also brings together the producers and designers whose products and applications have been nominated as Europe's best in multimedia from EUROPRIX since its start in 1998. It provides them with the means to stay in touch and cooperate. It serves as their personal, professional Europe-wide contact network independent of the companies or institutions they work for.

EADiM aims to establish the Europe's premier network for the development and advancement of quality e-contents by:

  • Highlighting and giving life-long recognition to the best producers and designers in Europe

  • Identifying and recognizing the individual persons who do the creative work in on-line and off-line multimedia Initiating the analysis of current trends and providing a strategic vision for e-content in Europe (long-term focus)

  • Acting as a catalyst for supporting quality products and applications in industry and society

  • Collecting, categorizing and presenting knowledge on multimedia to a wide industrial and academic community in order to capitalize on existing 'know-how'

  • Providing a forum for developing focused initiatives in e-content, such as summer schools, other professional trainings and education, and international collaboration.